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I was born human in the late late '70's and I remained human through today. As the human status locks the status quo I will declare to you at that fateful birthing moment, I was pronounced black upon arrival. Sex: Non-Female. Check. Arguably none of this is or was my fault. (I think it was my fault I got married but the kids we got out of it was just....well I'll leave it at that. Women have this ungodly way that no man is allowed to mention.) Belee datt!!**

I live in Iowa near Adventure Land. The only place in Iowa with that much adventure. AND I muzish! I muzish with the keyboard and write as well. I figured my name to be James Goodlett, or so I'm told, my business should be JamGood Productions. The Productions is because I am an artist that doubles as a producer, moonlights as a singer and fusses when I'm hungry. So I eat Snickers. They lied. It doesn't work, does not! Belee datt!!

Spotify, Tidal and all their leagual (think about it) counterparts are cool I guess but figured I could do just as well or better with $5 a month subscription to (welcomely the way). That way no financial stress and continuous access to my music and crazy mucho life-extending happiness. Belee datt!!

My music exacts and steals minds, souls and bodies and transports them lightyears beyond the furthest reaches of space and reality only to return them with enlightment, peace, prosperity, spirituality, psychology, astronomy, physiology, biology, chemistry, and the life and cleanliness of zoology.

Oh and Yea Me for tubing! So all's well and welcome to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Other than all of that, I got shows with my music and I'm on iTunes and a bunch of other stuff. So love me without a cause and may our lives be pure!

The Force is with me. You can belee datt!!

**”Belee datt!!" is an ancient pseudo vodoo Greek/Mongolian term for "Believe that"

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James Goodlett
James Goodlett is a musician and producer, the founder of JamGood Productions. He writes multiple genres for his fans and clients. Please contact him at for more information.

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